They//Us is an online writer’s community facilitated by For Books’ Sake. Our monthly sessions provide a space for writers who identify as non-binary to come together to write and share ideas. We offer feedback on work, catch up on writing projects and socialise with others from across the UK. Our community is linked by a Discord server where members can interact outside of monthly sessions. The community is made up of writers from different disciplines including creative non-fiction, poetry, novels and experimental short fiction. They//Us is not a strictly workshop space, more of a network of sharing, encouragement and collaboration, managed by two working class facilitators (Bridget Hart and Crow Rudd) who want to bring together non-binary writers.

The monthly sessions are currently held on Discord, and are a drop-in format, meaning that members can pop by any time and there is no obligation to attend every session though we ask that members let us know if they are unable to make it. We understand that access, illness, life and outside elements make it harder on occasion and we are happy to let our members come and go in a way that suits them. Participation is key however, and we will review the structure of our sessions every six months where members can have their say in how the community is working for them.

For Books’ Sake is currently unfunded and therefore progress into more opportunities for our members is limited but we hope to extend to a workshop series, digital residencies and online publications as the directors apply for much needed funding which will help financial support the time and effort of our facilitators and pay members for their work as workshop leaders and published writers.

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Crow Rudd

Crow Rudd is disabled nonbinary queer internationally published punk poet, multiple slam champion, events producer and workshop facilitator based in York. Creator and host of Sad Poets Doorstep Club, founder of the UK Trans & Nonbinary Poets Network and workshop facilitator for They//Us. Crow has been published by Slice of the Moon Books, Paper & Ink Literary Zine and Warning Lines, has featured at Manchester Punk Festival, Loud & Queer Arts Festival and Leeds LGBT+ Lit Fest, and has headlined Punk in Drublic, Switchblade and Incite!. Their debut collection i am a thing of rough edges is available from Whisky & Beards Publishing.


Bridget Hart

Bridget Hart (they/them) is a writer, performer and creative producer based in the South West.

Bridget has been tearing up DIY punk shows for over a decade, cutting their teeth at feminist punk shows across the country. They have performed at festivals including Boomtown, Shambala, Manchester Punk Festival and Edinburgh Fringe. They have published two collections of poetry, Better Watch Your Mouth (Burning Eye), and Chewing Gum – a queer reimagining of Grease published by Small Press (Tangent Books).

Bridget is the former editor of Burning Eye Books, and continues to help performance artists transfer their work to the page as a freelance mentor. They are the host of For Books’ Sake’s live performance night That’s What We Said and the founder of They//Us.


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