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Ignite: Six Week Course



Weekly sessions starting 15th July 2020

19.00 - 21.00 each day


Write Like a Grrrl

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Write Like A Grrrl

In these strange times, we’re bringing our students together online so they can  support, encourage and motivate each other.
Book now for Ignite, a six-week creative writing course for women and non-binary writers, taking place entirely online – so you can get the benefits of these brilliant courses no matter where you are in the world.

With Ignite, you’re not expected write for big chunks of time or to share work. Instead, you’ll learn together for six weeks in small groups, joining us via Zoom for live two-hour workshops each week.

Workshops will take place in video conference format, and all participants will be sent all relevant handouts and resources before and after sessions.

Through Ignite, you’ll learn how to push through doubt, reduce fear of the blank page, become disciplined in your practice and enjoy writing so much more. You’ll also become skilled in characterisation, dialogue, creating dynamic settings and other essential  fiction writing techniques.

If you haven’t written creatively before but always wanted to, or if you haven’t written for some time and want to kick-start your practice, then this low-cost, intensive course is for you.


Jane Claire Bradley

Jane Claire Bradley is an award-winning queer, working-class writer, performer, therapist and educator living in Manchester. She is the author of a chapbook, Truth or Dare (2021), and a novel, Dear Neighbour (Little Brown, 2023). Jane is the winner of a Northern Debut Award from New Writing North, and has been published in a range of lit journals and anthologies, including So Long As You Write (Dear Damsels), The Modern Craft (Watkins) and Test Signal: The best contemporary northern fiction (Dead Ink/Bloomsbury).

What Students Say...

“I have honestly never been in a better learning environment. Write Like a Grrrl is amazing.”
“The course has massively increased my confidence in my writing.”
“Jane was incredible – so knowledgeable and full of great tips and reading suggestions, but also a great facilitator – she was brilliant at reading the room, actively listening and providing space when needed.”
“Jane made me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities. Very informative, supportive and fun.”
“Jane created a great, relaxed, safe environment for creativity and exploration.”
“I couldn’t imagine anyone more suited to giving this course. Jane is such an inspiration. She is generous with her advice and support, never condescending despite her talent and so approachable!”
“A really productive, unthreatening and inspirational environment.”
“Excellent: encouraging, positive and motivating. The course has demystified writing for me.”
“The course really lifted my spirits; the things I’ve learned have been fantastic.”


Write Like a Grrrl

Write Like A Grrrl

Write like a Grrrl was founded in 2013 by Kerry Ryan. Since Write like a Grrrl began its collaboration with For Books’ Sake in 2014, hundreds of women and non-binary writers across the UK have graduated from our courses. For more information on the history of Write like a Grrrl, see:

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