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Witch Season: Last Quarter Harvest Moon



6 Oct 2023

19.00 - 21.00


Welcome to Witch Season, a four part workshop series delving into the mysteries of intrigue and insight on how to utilise this powerful time of year for creativity. These workshops have been specifically designed around the phases of the moon throughout October and are a chance for us to come together and create something beautiful from the darkness.

Our mystical magical tutors have been hand picked for their expertise to guide you through the moon’s power as the veil begins to thin. Join witches Jane Claire Bradley, Alice Godliman, Maz Hedgehog and Liza Liebling across our favourite month of the year to hone your craft, tap into your creativity and manifest those dreams.

Workshops will take place 7-9pm on the 6th, 14th, 22nd and 28th October. You can book a place on individual workshops, or grab yourself a season ticket for a discount and harness the power through the whole month for a serious creativity boost.


Last Quarter Harvest Moon
with Jane Claire Bradley
Sex Magick for Sensory Writing


The last quarter of the lunar cycle is when things start to get dark – literally and metaphorically – as the moon wanes away from being visible in the sky. Which makes it the perfect time to tap into our subconscious, sensual sides, and the elements of who we are that might be more comfortable under the cover of dark.

Delivered by a trauma-informed mental health and magickal practitioner with a creative, therapeutic and magickal obsession for exploring sex, kink and embodiment, this session will explore how to use sex magick and somatic techniques to heighten embodied awareness and enrich your writing. You learn how to bring more sensory detail, sensuality and eroticism to your writing, and make your work more evocative, atmospheric and impactful – whether or not it’s anything to do with bodies or sex!

Whether you’re a writer of filthy fanfiction, poetry, or anything in between, you’ll discover ways to enrich your work and amplify its vivid, sensory elements, combining witchcraft with embodiment to deepen and expand your use of sensual description, metaphor and imagery. And although you’ll learn techniques you can use in and beyond the session, please note that there is no ‘hands-on’ sexual self-touch in the session itself, making it an ideal no-experience-necessary entry-point to bringing sex magick into your creative practice.


Jane Claire Bradley

Jane Claire Bradley is an award-winning queer, working-class writer, performer, therapist and educator living in Manchester. She is the author of a chapbook, Truth or Dare (2021), and a novel, Dear Neighbour (Little Brown, 2023). Jane is the winner of a Northern Debut Award from New Writing North, and has been published in a range of lit journals and anthologies, including So Long As You Write (Dear Damsels), The Modern Craft (Watkins) and Test Signal: The best contemporary northern fiction (Dead Ink/Bloomsbury).

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