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Thrive: Six Week Course



Weekly sessions starting 24th Sept 2020

19.00 - 21.00 each day


Write Like a Grrrl

In partnership with:
Write Like A Grrrl

Welcome to Thrive, our level-three creative writing course in partnership with Write like a Grrrl!

Thrive is a six-week intensive course combining in-depth critique workshops with brand new technique workshops so you can keep on developing your confidence and honing the skills you developed in our first two Write Like a Grrrl courses. This course really focuses on self compassion and developing confidence in yourself as an artist. The course isn’t demanding and there will be no great demands on your time but plenty of opportunities to analyse where you’re at in your creative practice and what’s holding you back.

You’ll experience the usual wonderful supportive Write Like a Grrrl magic as well as new topics to explore including: writing happy; the joy of sex; comedy; mood and tension; descrption; self-editing; and much more. We’ll examine writers such as Claire Keegan, Ramona Ausubel and Dorothy Allison and many others. Each session will feature topic-relevant writing exercises, as well as opportunities to get feedback on your work. You’ll also have optional writing exercises for home, a reading list to dork out on, and the company of the best grrrls in town!

If you need cheering on, cheering up, want to get back into the writing habit or keep smashing out those words, then this is the course for you! We can’t wait to see you!


Kerry Ryan

Kerry Ryan

Kerry Ryan is the founder of Write like a Grrrl and has facilitated workshops all over the UK, in Ireland and in St Petersburg and Moscow. She has a Masters in Literary Studies and a PhD in Creative Writing. She has taught Writing for Performance at Spotlight, creative writing for women leaving sex work and domestic abuse survivors and facilitated a year long LGBTQ creative writing course as part of the Arts Council-funded New Queers on the Block. Her work has been featured in various publications including Steer, The Manchester Review, the Kenyon Review and Spilling Ink. Her play Trust was recently performed at the Gulbenkian Theatre.

What Students Say...

“Kerry Ryan’s Write Like a Grrrl workshops were perfectly pitched, informative, inclusive, and empowering. Kerry creates a non-threatening space to explore our ideas and produce valuable work in class. Her teaching style is informal and supportive – exactly what we need.”

“I really enjoyed Kerry’s writing workshops. She created a conducive atmosphere for writing, making it friendly and collaborative.  It was also a good mixture of practical exercises and useful advice. I would definitely attend a course run by Kerry again.”

“The course was fantastic. Without Kerry’s great lesson on ‘How to start writing and keep going’ I would not be writing at all, but I have now managed to do so regularly for the last year.”

“Kerry was an incredible tutor! She was supportive, encouraging and fun. I loved the fact that everything was up for discussion and she never talked down to us. She created a really friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The course was also so well structured, really easy to follow and never felt daunting or difficult. She was just brilliant!”


Write Like a Grrrl

Write Like A Grrrl

Write like a Grrrl was founded in 2013 by Kerry Ryan. Since Write like a Grrrl began its collaboration with For Books’ Sake in 2014, hundreds of women and non-binary writers across the UK have graduated from our courses. For more information on the history of Write like a Grrrl, see:

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