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Talking Back Workshop with AJ McKenna



21 Nov 2021

18.00 - 20.00

FBS presents our first workshop dedicated to trans, non-binary, agender, gender non-conforming writers and poets of all levels. 

AJ McKenna invites you to think about talking back to bigotry. What is the difference between writing for vengeance against our oppressors rather than for a joke or pity? What if you had the space to talk back freely, outside of power dynamics? This workshop asks you to think about the different positions of talking back to oppressors, not just the attack but it’s angle and purpose for those standing up to bigotry from a place of marginalisation.

Expect discussion, reflection, exploration and prompts to arm and empower you with the tools to develop your own protest piece.

This workshop will take place on Zoom for two hours, including a short break, and in addition will be joined by members of  They // Us.*

Please bring something to write/type on and snacks!

There is a rolling fee of £5-20 for a space. There is an option to Pay It Forward for someone on low or no income. 

*They // Us is a monthly online group for non-binary writers. This event marks the one year anniversary of sessions so come celebrate with us!


AJ McKenna

AJ McKenna has performed poems while stripping, handcuffing herself to a microphone stand and having dry rice thrown at her in an attempt to understand the true meaning of love, though not, as yet, all at the same time. She is the author of A Lady of a Certain Rage, names and songs of women, Incidents of Trespass and, most recently, England is the Enemy. In her spare time she worries.

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