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Poetry: Six Week Course



Weekly sessions starting 30th July 2020

18.30 - 20.30 each day


Write Like a Grrrl

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Write Like A Grrrl

Improve your confidence writing poetry. Express yourself, find your voice and learn to not be afraid to get it out in the world.

In these strange times, we’re bringing our students together online so they can  support, encourage and motivate each other.
Book now for ‘Write Poetry Like a Grrrl’, a six-week poetry writing course for women and non-binary writers taking place entirely online – so you can get the benefits of these brilliant courses no matter where you are in the world.

Workshops will take place in video conference format, and all participants will be sent all relevant handouts and resources before and after sessions. You’ll learn together for six weeks in small groups, joining us via Zoom for live two-hour workshops each week.

Women poets have long been dismissed as emotional, rather than taken seriously by the industry. Now is the time when coming together and using our voices to smash that patriarchy is an act of protest as well as a cathartic process of reflection and self-discovery.

Through our course, we’ll look at the work of a diverse range of female-identifying poets, whilst you nurture your own voice and the skills and tips needed to spark some inspiration and stoke your poetry fire.

There are a lot of things about being a poet that they don’t teach on more traditional courses. How exactly might you put a collection together? Why are there so many forms with intimidating names and which one is right for my poem? From practical performance skills to organisational tools, we’re going to cover everything they don’t teach you.

A lot of it is simply that poetry can be daunting. We want to empower budding poets with the tools they think are scary but really aren’t at all.

If you haven’t written poetry before but always wanted to, or if you simply want to level-up your skills, knowledge and confidence, then this is the course for you.


Jo Flynn

After winning the Roy Fisher Prize for poetry, endorsed by the Poet Laureate, Jo Flynn’s debut poetry pamphlet Swallowing Sand was published and she’s since been featured at the National Poetry Library in London for short form poetry, shortlisted for the Jane Martin Poetry Prize at Cambridge University, and published by the likes of Dear Damsels, Mookychick, and The Signal House Edition as well as invited to read internationally.

Jo has developed and teaches a poetry course with Write Like A Grrrl and offers editing and feedback on poetry to individual writers. With an MA (Distinction) in Creative Writing and working closely with artists and writers across Manchester with Manchester City of Literature, Jo just hopes to make sense of the world with words. And dogs.

What Students Say...

“I gained confidence, knowledge in different types of poetry, information about what is out there and a sense of belonging to something. It opened my eyes and mind to possibilities.”
“The course kickstarted my creativity and introduced me to so many techniques, tips and a whole poetry writing community. Cannot recommend it enough.”
“What a wonderful six weeks of inspiration! Lucky to have this community to lean on for a creative escape in these turbulent times.”
“I’ve gained so much – confidence in my writing; confidence in sharing; practical and theory-based knowledge; and most importantly, I have gained a sense of community in poetry that I definitely didn’t have before.”
“I would highly recommend this course and absolutely loved Jo’s advice, guidance and how she facilitated such a safe environment for us all to share.”
“Jo is a superb teacher. Each session was well thought-out, interesting and suitable for everyone, no matter how far along in their poetry journey.”


Write Like a Grrrl

Write Like A Grrrl

Write like a Grrrl was founded in 2013 by Kerry Ryan. Since Write like a Grrrl began its collaboration with For Books’ Sake in 2014, hundreds of women and non-binary writers across the UK have graduated from our courses. For more information on the history of Write like a Grrrl, see:

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