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Kickstart Your Creative Heart



1 Jan 2022

Back by popular demand, our month-long series of daily writing prompts, motivation and resources returns for January 2022.

If your writing has slowed or stalled and your creative confidence is MIA, Kickstart Your Creative Heart may be for you. If you’ve got writing resolutions for 2022 and beyond, but need structure, support and inspiration to translate them into action, then join us for an entire month dedicated to kickstarting your creativity and confidence.

For less than £1 a day, you’ll get a month’s worth of exclusive content designed to Kickstart Your Creative Heart. These daily emails, lovingly written by writer, therapist and For Books’ Sake founder Jane Claire Bradley, will feature creative prompts, materials and exercises to get you writing through January and beyond.

Every weekday, you’ll get a receive a prompt to use in that day’s writing, featuring everything from starter sentences and true-life tales to photography, soundtracks and other resources. Weekends will focus on self-discovery, exploration and care, including resources for building resilience, summoning your muse and overcoming the fear of sharing your work.

Past series of Kickstart Your Creative Heart have shown – time and time again – that taking part increases creativity, confidence and ability to write regularly, with the vast majority of participants confirming that their momentum, motivation and excitement about writing were all dramatically enhanced.

If you’re ready to make a realistic but powerful commitment to your writing, Kickstart Your Creative Heart can do the same for you too.

The Details


WHEN: 1st – 31st January 2022. You decide when and where to do each day’s tasks and – if you’re not available every day – you can work through the materials at your own pace. We find the best feedback for Kickstart Your Creative Heart comes from those who can commit to setting aside at least fifteen minutes for writing each day.

WHERE: The programme takes place entirely online via emails delivered direct to your inbox each day throughout January. So – wherever you are in the world – we’d love to have you involved.

WHO: Writers wanting to develop their creative confidence, motivation and momentum. Maybe you’re between creative projects, or you want to rebuild your love and talent for writing after time away, or you’re uncertain about how to generate ideas, characters and atmosphere. The daily prompts and resources can support you to develop standalone stories and sketches, or combined to develop something longer, exploring new topics, techniques and themes along the way. Although aimed at those writing fiction or poetry, the materials could also be used for those wanting to explore creative non-fiction. Wherever you’re at in your writing journey, Kickstart Your Creative Heart will support you to develop, explore and strengthen your creative courage, passion and confidence.

What they say...


Kickstart Your Creative Heart was an absolute game changer for me and for my craft. I’d taken a massive dive in creativity and knew I needed something to give me a push. Kickstart Your Creative Heart was all that, and more. The exploration and sense of fun, along with with great character work, Jane’s wild wit and the self care agenda made KSYCH something I’ll be forever grateful to. I’ve now written a novel from some of the characters I created in the process and am more creative than I have been in years. Grab this by both hands and don’t let go.”

“Looking back over my not-so-new notebook full of scribbles, notes and the odd well-crafted sentence, I feel a genuine sense of achievement. In committing to do something for myself every day, I found a sense of self-control, creativity and confidence in my ability to write.” (Diva Magazine)

“Thank you for creating, sharing and guiding Kickstart Your Creative Heart. It was a total joy to be part of, and I feel it has transformed not just my writing practice but my writing itself. The prompts and tools are things I’ll come back to for other projects, or when I feel stuck. But for now, I’m dead pleased to be working on two projects, neither of which I would have discovered if it hadn’t been for particular exercises that were part of this programme.”

“Kickstart Your Creative Heart was really worth the money; it helped me overcome the fear of being creative and made me see that it is a worthwhile thing to spend and make time for.”

“I loved the prompts, but not just those – more the bits and pieces which went with them! Playlists, visuals, it really made me think about pushing my own research in new ways. I enjoyed the thoughtfulness of the weekends, and it great to network with other writers. Overall the course has made me think not just creatively but practically about how to get the writing time I need, something which is becoming ever more important in my life.”


Jane Claire Bradley

Jane Claire Bradley is an award-winning queer, working-class writer, performer, therapist and educator living in Manchester. She is the author of a chapbook, Truth or Dare (2021), and a novel, Dear Neighbour (Little Brown, 2023). Jane is the winner of a Northern Debut Award from New Writing North, and has been published in a range of lit journals and anthologies, including So Long As You Write (Dear Damsels), The Modern Craft (Watkins) and Test Signal: The best contemporary northern fiction (Dead Ink/Bloomsbury).

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