About Us


We champion queer, feminist and marginalised writer weirdos. Through a nationwide programme of live events, workshops, retreats and other projects, we empower and support these writers to develop their writing craft, confidence and community.

What We Do


We create and share opportunities for marginalised and underrepresented writers to: develop their skills, knowledge and experience; tell their stories; and connect to each other for mutual support, solidarity, inspiration and celebration.

Our Mission


Since 2010, we’ve focused on building:


Writing craft: We want to give writers the tools they need to write more, write better, and keep writing.

In 2021 onwards we are expanding and creating opportunities for those who are trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming as well as women and working class writers to develop their existing creative skills and learn new ones.

Writing confidence: We recognise there are many complex systemic cultural and social factors that contribute to marginalised and underrepresented writers finding it difficult to claim, share and celebrate their stories – so supporting self-belief and self-empowerment in these writers is at the core what we do. We love creating opportunities for writers to share their work, and our events, workshops and retreats are deliberately designed to feel safe and supportive to our writers of all backgrounds and experiences.

Writing community: We believe that marginalised writers are stronger together. That’s why we focus on building a collaborative, celebratory community with a focus on sharing advice, resources, opportunities, inspiration and support.


Our Values


Our mission is driven by our beliefs in:


Inclusion: We believe in the importance of recognising, listening to and elevating the voices of those who might not otherwise be heard. We recognise that we have a responsibility to champion and amplify the voices of marginalised demographics, identities and communities, and aim to ensure our programming always reflects this commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Accessibility: We recognise that trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming and women writers may face obstacles to accessing our events and activities, so we prioritise making our programming as affordable and accessible as possible, along with creating an online community of free-to-access resources, opportunities, advice and support.

Social Change: We recognise many aspects of the current status quo as oppressive, especially for those from marginalised demographics, identities and communities. It is our responsibility to challenge this status quo, provide an alternative to it, and support those who are hurt and disempowered by it. We commit to using our platform and privilege responsibly.

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