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Write Like a Grrrl

How it all began...

Kerry Ryan, writer, tutor and founder of Write like a Grrrl: “I started Write like a Grrrl in 2013 when teaching at the Feminist Library. Many of the talented women I met at the Library lacked confidence and found it difficult to find the time to write because of busy lives and problems with procrastination and/or binging. I knew all about these struggles but had managed to overcome them, and was able to pass on what I’d learned to the women at the Library.”


The success of these early workshops was such that soon there was a demand for weekly workshops. And so, the Write like a Grrrl courses were born. Kerry began collaborating with For Books’ Sake in 2014, and in 2015 we’ve had over 100 women take part in our workshops, as six-week courses or intensive one-day sessions.

Keep reading for testimonials from some of our previous attendees…


“It became so rewarding to attend this course every week. I loved having the opportunity to hang out with like-minded women and Kerry created a really welcoming and fun atmosphere and did a great job of making me feel good about where I was with my writing.


By the end of the course, I felt very inspired to continue, and had a renewed passion for short story writing in particular. The course gave me a much-needed confidence boost, too, and I’m also a lot more aware of what to aim for and what to avoid in my writing.


Write like a Grrrl offered a no-pressure, encouraging and fun environment that got me feeling excited about writing. I’d recommend it for women at all writing levels – whether you just have a mild interest you’d like to nurture or want to rekindle your creativity.”

Nadia Henderson, Write Like a Grrrl London


“By the end of the day I felt brilliant! Really confident and focused on how I was going to get my novel finished. It was such an inspiring and exciting day. The course has had a huge impact on my writing. It’s really motivated me to keep going and the progress I’ve made with my novel has been phenomenal.


Whether you’re starting out or, like me, have been writing for a while, it’s a really good opportunity to check in, meet other women, get some confidence, learn some new skills and develop your writing routine into one that is healthy and works for you. Even though I’ve been writing for years and have been published, it was a real wake up call – a chance to stop, take stock and learn new skills.”

Sian Norris, Write Like a Grrrl Bristol


“I came away from the course, not only with pages of notes, but with the beginnings of several new pieces of writing and a confidence in my ability as a writer I lost a long time ago.


Write Like a Grrrl was such a rewarding experience. It helped me recover my writing mojo and it has given me a new confidence and bags of motivation. I can’t quite believe that one day has made such a difference!”

Nikki Lou, Write Like a Grrrl Liverpool


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More of what students say...

  • ☆ “The Write like a Grrrl course was fantastic. The content looked at both the bigger picture of how to ‘be’ a writer and techniques to help you begin a continuous flow of writing, as well as exercises and tips on specific narrative areas such as building a central character, or editing your work. Write like a Grrrl is genuinely the best thing that’s happened to my writing. I can’t recommend it enough.”


  • ☆ “I’ve attended many writing courses and Write like a Grrrl is one of the best. Some of my most direct and uncluttered writing arose from the exercises we did in class. What I liked was that these were not just “workshop exercises” but exercises that we were encouraged to make part of our regular writing practice.”


  • ☆ “I have honestly never been in a better learning environment. Write Like a Grrrl is amazing.”


  • ☆“Thank you for helping me so much towards getting writing. This is such a great resource for girls and women to have open to them. Just what I had had been looking for.”


  • ☆ “Write Like a Grrrl has given me the confidence and inspiration to develop my writing style, and learn new techniques to help me do this. The women in the group, all at different stages of writing, really support each other – I would recommend this course to anyone considering it.”


  • ☆ “Fun, friendly, informative. Whatever issue or goal you have in writing, this will definitely help. Twelve hours of classes has gotten my writing further than years of thinking I was trying.”