Short Stack Paperback

Price: £5.99


A collaboration between For Books’ Sake and Pulp Press, Short Stack features ten twisted tales of heroines hell-bent on vengeance, violence, post-apocalyptic sex, zombies,  and much more.

What the reviews say:

“A great, high-octane mix of sci-fi, fantasy, crime, and good old blood, guts and gore, this is a great introduction to genre fiction and I read it cover to cover in one sitting. Fierce, feisty and addictive.” (Amazon)

“The best collections of short stories should be bound by a common theme, but be interesting and varied enough that they stand alone. Short Stack totally nails it. There were a range of settings, characters, narrative styles and strong female characters that I really enjoyed. Also, there were plenty of apocalyptic themes and incidences of the undead; always a winner in my book… to say nothing of the sex, violence and rock and roll that came streaming out of my Kindle page.” (Amazon)

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