FURIES Poetry Anthology of Women Warriors Paperback

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FURIES Poetry Anthology of Women Warriors Paperback



This is the poetry of wronged and revolutionary women, the new verse that emerges when poets take a sinner and spin her anew. Here, Furies arise from history and myth to set the story straight once and for all. For many, the Lazarus trick spans only the space of a verse in which they tell their tale. The rest of the resurrection, the living on beyond the page, relies on the reader to keep telling and retelling, and then telling once more. Traditionally, ghosts haunt because they still have something left to say. This is their stage.

FURIES is the first poetry collection from For Books’ Sake, compiled following an open call for submissions that attracted over 700 entries from across the globe.

The FURIES poetry anthology is edited by Eve Lacey, and includes a foreword from Jenni Fagan, acclaimed author of The Panopticon.

All profits from the collection will be divided equally between For Books’ Sake and Rape Crisis England & Wales, supporting women writers and rape crisis centres that do essential work supporting survivors of rape and sexual violence.

FURIES features both emerging and established voices, including published and prize-winning authors from Imtiaz Dharker to Rebecca Goss to Patience Agbabi.

Within these pages you’ll find some of the best women’s writing out there today, united in celebration of women warriors past, present and future.

To be voiceless is to question whether one even exists — so listen to these voices — for all of those who cannot speak out and for all those who are waiting to hear these words and know them as their own; to all those who understand that rape is a war we must all continue to challenge and fight in every country, every day, from now until the human race finally, truly, evolves. Until then — let it be known that we stood side-by-side on the long road home and said, enough is enough.

– Jenni Fagan

Runner-up for Best Anthology in 2015 Saboteur Awards.

Having read FURIES, I was astounded by that sheer power, talent, honesty and intensity of the poems that are featured. – Heroine Zine

A woman warrior could do worse than picking up a copy of Furies, the excellent and sharp new poetry anthology of women warriors, just out from For Books’ Sake, a book like a hammered dagger, good for carrying in a long sleeve. […] What we are saying is: we want a sequel! Sabotage Reviews

Reading the Furies anthology is like watching Sylvie Guillem fouettés.Natalya Anderson

Product details:
FURIES: A Poetry Anthology of Women Warriors
100 pages
Paperback edition published 1st October 2015
Digital edition also available

The poets featured in FURIES are: Patience Agbabi, Kalliope Amorphous, Jodie Ashdown, Claire Askew, Kaddy Benyon, Emily Blewitt, Malika Booker, Diana Brodie, Nic Campeotto, Vahni Capildeo, Geraldine Clarkson, Meg Cowen, Imtiaz Dharker, Jo Dixon, Francine Elena, Suzanna Fitzpatrick, Victoria Gatehouse, Rebecca Goss, Françoise Harvey, Sandra Ireland, Ailie Kerr, Anna Kisby, Jenifer Browne Lawrence, Sophie Mayer, Jennifer Militello, Devon Miller-Duggan, Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Bridget Minamore, Helen Mort, Shelley Puhak, Angela Readman, Susan Richardson, Isabel Rogers, Julie-ann Rowell, Elisabeth Sennitt Clough, Claire Trévien, Amber West and Rebecca White.

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