Kickstart Your Creative Heart

★ Has your writing slacked over the summer?
★ Have you got that hopeful Autumn-term feeling but need structure, support and community to translate it into action?
★ Are you hoping to take part in NaNoWriMo this November but already feel intimidated by the prospect of such an epic undertaking?
★ Has your writing stalled or slowed to a snail’s pace? Your creative mojo and confidence gone AWOL?

If you’re feeling burnt-out, uncertain or just straight-up scared about how you can kickstart your creativity and confidence, be bolder and develop your voice, then join us for a month dedicated to connecting, creating and self-empowerment – throughout September and beyond.

The Details

WHEN: Friday 1st – Saturday 30th September 2017. You decide when and where to do each day’s tasks and – if you’re not available every day – you can work through the materials at your own pace.


WHERE: The programme takes place entirely online, so – wherever you are in the world – we’d love to have you involved.


WHO: Women and non-binary people wanting to develop their creative confidence and voice.


If you’re already working on a creative project, you can use the materials to incorporate new elements, generate ideas and build motivation and momentum.


If you’re between creative projects, or you want to rebuild your love and talent for writing after time away, you can use the daily prompts and resources for standalone stories and sketches, and use the programme to explore new topics, techniques and themes.


Although aimed at those writing fiction or poetry, the materials could also be used for those wanting to explore creative non-fiction.


Wherever you’re at in your writing journey, Kickstart Your Creative Heart will support you to create, connect with others on similar paths, and explore and strengthen your creative courage, passion and confidence.

What you'll get

For only £1 a day, you’ll get a month’s worth of exclusive content designed to Kickstart Your Creative Heart:


★ Exclusive access to a dedicated Facebook group full of support and resources, so you can connect with other writers, share your work, and create a conversation and community tailored to your needs.


★ Daily emails with creative prompts, materials and exercises.


Every weekday, you’ll get a receive a prompt to use in that day’s writing. Expect audio and visual prompts, starter sentences and suggestions based on the work and ideas of iconic women writers, artists and musicians.


Weekends will focus on self-discovery, exploration and care, including resources for building resilience, summoning your muse and overcoming the fear of sharing your work.


Throughout the month, you’ll receive bonus resources, reading recommendations and advice from established writers explaining how they blazed their creative trail, and how you can do the same.

Sign Up

Kickstart Your Creative Heart is now underway for Sept 2017!

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About Jane

Jane Bradley

Jane is a writer, editor, and the founder of For Books’ Sake. She delivers Write Like a Grrrl workshops across the North-West, as well as sessions on creativity, confidence and more for organisations including RECLAIM, LGBT Foundation, The Proud Trust, colleges, universities and schools. Jane’s writing has been published in anthlogies and literary journals, and her first play The Curse debuted in 2016. She has been longlisted for the Lucy Cavendish Prize for Fiction and a Young Enigma Award.

What they Say

“By helping me to create action plans with realistic goals – whilst always focusing on self-care – I have managed to conquer so many of the hurdles that were holding me back and preventing me from enjoying my life. With her unfalteringly positive attitude and genuine understanding and empathy, Jane has helped me find the confidence to reach my potential and make positive and lasting changes to the way I live.”


“I feel very fortunate to have worked with Jane. She has helped me find my way through a very difficult time both personally and professionally, offering encouragement, wisdom, resources and alternative perspectives. She has a positive, fun and compassionate manner, providing a unique, empowering and wholly supportive approach to coaching. As a result of our sessions I have developed the confidence to pursue new creative opportunities, develop a writing and photography project and approach creative work with a sense of freedom and joy.”


Questions? Get in touch. Otherwise, sign up using the buttons above, then start counting down the days until September!