Tattoo Tuesdays

His Dark Materials Tattoo

Tattoo Tuesday: Charli’s Dark Materials Tattoo

Literary ink inspired by The Amber Spyglass...

Tattoo Tuesday: Louise Black's Alchemical Tattoo

Tattoo Tuesday: Louise Black’s Alchemical Tattoo

Louise Black is an author who lives in Paris, and her tattoo is both the inspiration and the subject matter... View Article

Tattoo Tuesday: Katie Massiah's Latin Celebration of Books

Tattoo Tuesday: Katie Massiah’s Latin Celebration of Books

Celebrating reading this literary Latin tattoo...

Tattoo Tuesday: Kirsty's Iago Heart

Tattoo Tuesday: Kirsty’s Iago Heart

Tattoo Tuesdays are back on For Books' Sake!


Tattoo Tuesday: Lucy Jane’s Perks of Being a Wallflower Tattoo

"I swear in that moment, we were infinite..."


Tattoo Tuesday: Danielle’s T. S. Eliot Tattoo

Do you dare disturb the universe?


Tattoo Tuesday: Jennifer’s Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

Alice in Wonderland gets inked again...


Tattoo Tuesday: Millie Dollar’s Hunter S. Thompson Tattoo

A tattoo portrait of the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas author...


Tattoo Tuesday: Abbi’s Kurt Vonnegut Tattoo

Abbi gets inked with the wise words of the Tralmafadorian aliens...


Tattoo Tuesday: Claire’s Hamlet Tattoo

Claire gets inked with one of Shakespeare's most famous lines...


Tattoo Tuesday: Liz’s Looking for Alaska Tattoo

A tattooed tribute to John Green's YA novel...


Tattoo Tuesday: Jessa’s Oscar Wilde Tattoo

Jessa's tattoo quote from The Picture of Dorian Gray...