105: Rebel Dykes // Nasty Women // Karen Kao

8th Mar 2017

105: Rebel Dykes // Nasty Women // Karen Kao

In this episode, we’re getting over-excited about being involved in a very exciting event in Manchester; a work-in-progress cut screening of the documentary Rebel Dykes, followed by a panel discussion and spoken word showcase curated by yours truly. First up, we got producer Siobhan Fahey to tell us all about it. Then, to celebrate, Jane and Paul discuss their favourite books with heroines who could be described as rebel dykes, including…

Then, Rebecca Smith chats to the team behind 404 Ink, ahead of our collaboration on the London launch of Nasty Women at the end of the month. In a Room of One’s Own, Rebecca gets the lowdown from author Karen Kao, whose debut novel The Dancing Girl and the Turtle will be published by Linen Press next month.

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Editing by Rebecca Smith // Music by She Makes War