#102: LGBT History Month with Claire Fuller

25th Jan 2017

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LGBT History Month gets underway in February, and we’re getting the party started early! This fortnight, co-hosts Jane Bradley and Paul Forster share some of their favourite books by LGBTQIA+ authors, including…

(Although our main remit is writing by women, in 2017 and beyond we intend to expand our focus to include more writers who identify as trans, genderqueer, genderfluid and/or non-binary. That’s why we’ve continued to discuss and include work by Billy Martin written under the name and identity of Poppy Z. Brite.)

Honorable mentions for: Zami: A New Spelling of My Name (1982) by Audre Lorde and Wolf-Girls (2012) edited by Hannah Kate.

In Room of One’s Own, Rebecca Smith interviews Claire Fuller, author of Our Endless Numbered Days and Swimming Lessons.

Next time, we’ll be discussing our crushes on fictional characters ready for Valentine’s Day, so get in touch on Twitter, Insta or Facebook to tell us yours. Until then…


Editing by Rebecca Smith // Music by She Makes War