#2: Sonnets, Rock Life and English Homework with Tansy Hoskins and Gemma June Howell

27th Apr 2016

From poems about cider and sucking cock to the best sonnets by women, we've got it all in this episode. Grace and Lauren share the new releases, events and opportunities to get published they're most excited about, while Tansy Hoskins interviews Gemma June Howell about her poetry exploring the lives of working-class Welsh women...

In this episode…


On 23 April it was Shakespeare’s 400th birthday and in celebration of this fact we asked you what your favourite sonnets written by women were. Thanks for all the great suggestions via For Books’ Sake’s social media accounts! Grace reads out the top 3 choices in the first part of the podcast:

· Sonnet I by Charlotte Smith from @jenny_mcauley on Twitter

· In this Strange Labyrinth by Lady Mary Wroth from Becca Emily Inglis on Instagram

· Apologies to My Hair: A Black Woman’s Sonnet by Allison Joseph

Tansy Hoskins and Gemma June Howell

Gemma June Howell is a Welsh poet, an author of experimental fiction, and a playwright. Tansy Hoskins interviews Gemma June about what drove her to write poetry from the perspective of women living in the Welsh Valleys. During the interview, Gemma June also performs some of her fantastic poems from her debut collection, Rock Life.

Read more about Gemma June Howell’s work on her website and follow Tansy Hoskins on Twitter @TansyHoskins.

Did You Forget Your English Homework?

What books do you think should be on the national curriculum? Lauren reveals what her top choice is and why.

We’ve introduced a news section! Listen to all the things Grace and Lauren are looking forward to in May and June…

Upcoming Events
Respectable: Lynsey Hanley with Dawn Foster
Bradford Literature Festival 20 – 29 May 2016
The Sonnet Exchange 29 May 2016
Bad Vibrations + Polyester Zine: PRINCE RAMA 31 May 2016
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