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Chauvinistic Poem Selected for Anthology

18th Jun 2015

Chauvinistic Poem Selected for Anthology
The decision to include a poem that glorifies the sexual objectification of women in Salt Publishing's annual poetry anthology has sparked outrage.

The undeniably chauvinistic poem has been picked up for inclusion in the Best British Poetry Anthology this year.

The poem, written by Bobby Parker and entitled “THANK YOU FOR SWALLOWING MY CUM”, includes lines such as “I tell cats on the street, ‘Hey kitty, she swallowed my cum!’” It centres on the narrator going around telling family members and strangers alike about this particular sexual experience, wondering if he has made the woman involved feel awkward by proclaiming the news to everyone, and claiming that “my ex-wife hates me. Or she sometimes hates me. And she never swallowed my cum.” It was first published on the online literary journal B O D Y in October last year.

Just last month B O D Y  came under fire through social media, after comments about a woman writer’s appearance were accidentally forwarded to her.

The social media response to the news was mostly one of outrage, with one commenter saying the magazine and anthology “should be ashamed”.

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Poet and university lecturer Caroline Klocksiem aired her thoughts on the matter in a post on Vidaweb, arguing that “my body is not a receptacle”. She raises the question of the best way for women writers to respond to such flagrant misogyny; should such journals be denounced, or should women rally and flood a publication they’d sooner not support with worthy submissions?

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