Call for Submissions: Erotica Anthology

21st Nov 2014

Sex-positive scribblers, your time has come. After taking on pulp fiction, roller derby and women warriors in our previous publishing projects, we're releasing our first ever erotica collection, and we want you...

From the soft and sensual to the most downright dirty, hardcore and obscene, anything goes. Your characters can be any gender or sexuality, including trans and gender non-conforming characters. Set your story in any genre, time or place, and don’t be afraid to push boundaries and send us something subversive.

From bisexual bikers into bondage to first times of post-apocalyptic punks via vampire orgies, steampunk sexpots, toys and tattoos, get creative with setting, style and subculture, and give it to us good.

For our erotica anthology, we want stories of up to 6,000 words, by a deadline of midnight on Friday 9th January 2015. For the full details – and to submit – head here.

(Image via jean_koulev’s photostream)