Saboteur Awards 2014: The Shortlist

6th May 2014

Saboteur Awards 2014: The Shortlist
Last year, we introduced you to the wonderful world of Sabotage, the online reviews site that hopes "to provide a troposphere" for under-appreciated, smaller scale works of writing. This year, their indie competition - the Saboteur Awards is back with an exciting shortlist of emerging talent...

Don’t be fooled by the name, Sabotage are a welcoming bunch and so there are a grand total of twelve categories with five nominees a-piece, as nominated by the public.

You now have the chance to vote for your favourites, which contain some FBS picks and plenty of recommendations of women lit-bods whose progress we’ll now be following.

It’s very exciting to see an collection devoted entirely to women’s writing in the Best Anthology category. Words & Women One, edited by Lynne Bryan and Belona Greenwood showcases the best memoir, fiction and non-fiction that women writers of East England have to offer.

FBS have been crushing on women performance poets in a big way this year, and it’s incredibly exciting to add Sophie Walker‘s spoken word show, Around the World in 8 Mistakes to our to watch-in-awe list, whose work covers war, dancing and conflicts of sexuality. Her show competes with The Moon Cannot Be Stolen – “Part dark travelogue, part metaphysical enquiry” by Kirsten Luckins for the Best Spoken Word Show category.

feminism, myths and fables, childbirth and the power of language.Walker can also be found in the Best Spoken Word Performer list, joining word maestros Kate Tempest, Hollie McNish and Lucy Ayrton to make this shortlist an impressive 4:1 ratio. Between them they lyricise about feminism, myths and fables, childbirth and the power of language.

After 2013’s VIDA Count, there is yet more proof that indie platforms are unearthing great women reviewers. Afric McGlinchey, Fiona Moore and Rosie Breese have secured three out of five spots in the Best Reviewer category.

Three is also the magic number for women poetry pamphleteers, showcasing the verse of Kathleen Bell, Rebecca Tamás and Lisa Matthews.

The Best Novella and Best Short Story Collection lists are well represented with two women in each. Polish author, Hanna Krall has already won a string of awards for her tale of a woman on a journey to free her husband from Nazi imprisonment, Chasing the King of Hearts. Jenalyn is the eponymous tale of a Filipino woman by Marianne Villanueva. Our warmest congratulations go to May-Lan Tan and Kirsty Logan, who we love, and has lent her wordy wiles to the site in the past. Her shorts collection The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales injects a dark magic into brothels and metallic hearts. While Tan’s Things to Make and Break covers doppelgängers, strippers and a motorcycle courier.

We also want to make a special mention to Best One-Off nominee Against Rape, which last November, saw an online protest containing “poetry of witness that exposes rape myths and rape culture”.

Who wins is up to the public. You can see the whole list here and buy tickets to a day of performances and book-selling, where Sabotage will be announcing the winners and celebrating their fourth birthday to boot on May 31st.