Spring into Zines: Zines by Women You Have to Read

30th Apr 2014

Spring has sprung, and with it there's some brilliant new zines that we can't wait to read. Here's our round-up of recent recommendations...


Hens Issue Four

Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur

These Hens are a force to be reckoned with. Each issue concentrates on a key issue that can contributors can interpret in any way they wish. Issue four looks at the problems raised by the LGBT acronym and what these labels mean to folk today. This issue also includes a sneaky look at badge collection from Glasgow Women’s Library which is an utter goldmine.

Find out more about Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur and where to buy copies of their previous zines from their website.

Shape & Situate Issue 5

Shape & Situate: Poster of Inspirational European Women

Shape & Situate takes women we should celebrate and creates beautiful mini-posters outlining their achievements. Women covered in issue five range from Ethel MacDonald, the only woman who reported from the front lines during the Spanish Civil War, to Anneliese Mackintosh, a writer who is not afraid to share her experiences with death and sex in her work.

Shape & Situate are currently looking for contributions to Issue 6. Mosey on over to their website to find out how you can get involved.

Burn Out: A mini zine about burnout and self care

Burnout: A Mini Zine About Burnout and Self Care

For Books’ Sake contributor Holly Casio makes zines about Bruce Springsteen as well as contributing to body positive and queer publications. This mini zine is the latest addition to the wealth of self-care zines written by women zinesters.

What makes this zine stand out is its brutal honesty of Casio’s path to burnout and her resolutions on how to avoid it in the future. Everyone deserves one night a week in their PJs, catching up with My Mad Fat Diary on 4OD. Right?

Find out more about Casio’s zines here.

Girls From Mars Issue Two

Girls From Mars

Eilidh Nicolson is a Scottish trans-woman who is a prolific comic book artist, whose CV already includes contributions to Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur and Team Girl Comic.

This first issue of Girls From Mars follows a group of friends involved with the Transmission Support Group. The group has been meeting for one year and Monica, the group’s unofficial leader, is determined to make it a special day. Issue Two is due out soon and we’re looking forward to seeing where this rising comic artist will take these characters next.

Tumble along with Nicolson here!

Opinionated Nobody on turning thirty

Opinionated Nobody on Turning 30

There is no end to Rebecca McCormick’s talents. She has produced seven issues of her per-zine, Opinionated Nobody including this special issue, hosts body positive events and clothes swaps and somehow finds the time to write her own blog, Sullen Hearts.

McCormick turned 30 early this year and assigned herself 55 tasks to complete before the end of the year. It’s a heartwarming read, especially when she describes her birthday party, paid for by challenge #1: Save £5 a week.

Which other zines by women are you reading this spring? Which would you recommend for our next round-up?

(Top image via phillipp75)