Publisher Spotlight: Eyewear Publishing

16th Apr 2014

Publisher Spotlight: Eyewear Publishing
In the second instalment of our Publisher Spotlight series we’re fixing our gaze firmly on Eyewear Publishing, a London-based independent press who have been publishing poetry since 2012.

They’re passionate about developing new and different voices through their annual Melita Hume Poetry Prize and we love their beautifully designed and affordable poetry books…

Below are five of our favourites, complete with tantalizing excerpts. You can also follow Eyewear Publishing on Twitter and check out their website to find out more.

And if you like what you see we’re giving you the chance to WIN two of their forthcoming titles! Just scroll to the end of the page to enter the competition!

To The Boneyard by Barbara Marsh

Barbara Marsh (formerly half of the band The Dear Janes) mixes beautiful imagery with candour and humour. Through both mythology and modernity she tackles love, loss, childhood and music. Using memory and journey she explores the highs of inner life and the truth about who we are:

‘Everything eased, like my brown legs into sand.
Hard bodies, new drugs, I crossed over to them
with the songs on the radio – Take Me to the River,
What a Fool Believes, How Do I Survive.

– Pensacola Beach Bridge  

Dangerous Cakes – Elspeth Smith

Quirky, dark, ‘appealingly English’ and ‘devastatingly lovely’; there is a stark contrast between some of the darker more haunting poems and the warmer, more affectionate nostalgic pieces. Elspeth Smith’s poems may seem deceptively simple at an average of six lines long, however as the title suggest it may be worth slowly savouring each witty delicious bite.


in strange places.


on swords.’

– Allowed Up


We are thrilled to be able to give a lucky For Books' Sake reader the chance to win two of Eyewear Publishing's 2014 poetry books.

Cape Town – Kate Noakes

This is Kate Noakes’ third collection of poetry; she has taught creative writing at Oxford university and lived in Cape Town in 2011. Making observations about the City and its’ various characters and political history she takes us on her journey through a landscape that is both engaging and at times aggressive:

‘Let me tell you how I fill my nostrils with home,
with the girls at the hairdresser, their teenage primping
and perms, pink curlers, hot tongs,

or the boys
at the barbers stopping by for a smoke and a shave
or short-back-and-sides

– Zonnebloem

Hotel Moonmilk – Sheila Hillier

Sheila Hillier writes tightly crafted narrative-based poems with a great clarity that is also mysterious; her poems have been commended in The National Poetry Competition, and she won the prestigious Hamish Canham prize from the Poetry Society in 2009.

This collection explores some of the more unusual aspects of the ‘hotel experience’ and mixes these poems with others which explore both darkness and redemption:

‘You can sweat and sweat and cool yourself and sweat some more
into the dirty, forgiving soup that is Bar One plus One.
In the wet season the potted bamboos perpetually drip.
They like it here and so do I, although it is a grubby place
where someone has undignified them – used their pots as ashtrays.
The air is warm, damp with deep tropical wet-warmth
that enters bones, lodges there and won’t come out.’

– Hotel Dragon Park

Math, Heaven, Time by Mandy Khan (due July 2014)

Mandy Khan is a rising star of LA’s poetry scene and co -author of Collage Culture. She’s known for collaborating with composers to create stunning spoken pieces and we’re really excited to read her edgy, witty commentary on 21st century love and praise of the simple, sacred things in life that often go unnoticed.

‘My body disobeys me, my old pal,
now preferring him. When kissed, my shuttered factory
throws open its stuck windows, starting up its clunky gray
machinery to humming, ready to make a new go,
ready to manufacture
whatever it is the kids are buying these days.’

 – Stuck Windows


We’ve got two of Eyewear’s 2014 titles by two fantastic women poets to give to one very lucky For Books’ Sake reader:

‘Math, Heaven, Time’ by Mandy Khan and

‘Ship Of The Line’ by Penny Boxall

To enter simply email your name and full address to hello@forbookssake.net with the subject line ‘Eyewear’ and we will pick a winner at random. The deadline to enter is midnight on Wednesday 30th April 2014.

Best of luck!

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