The Orwell Prize: Longlist Announced

27th Mar 2014

Britain's "most prestigious prize for political writing" announced it's longlist today.

Usually made up of eighteen books, 2014’s Orwell Prize longlist is only fourteen long – with just five places being awarded to women writers.

In the prize’s journalism category, only three of fourteen places went to women hacks: Caitlin Moran, Suzanne Moore and Mary Riddell each got a well deserved spot.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that the shortlists, announced later this year, will see a little more gender parity. In the meantime, a big old shout out to Jay Griffiths, Shereen El Feki, Alison Wolf, Gaiutra Bahadur and Catherine Merridale, who have each been listed for their works.

Our tips are for Wolf’s The XX Factor, which focuses on the cultural, social and economic gap between rich and poor women, and Bahadur’s Coolie Woman, which tells the story of Bahadur’s great-grandmother, who left India pregnant to work as an “coolie” on a sugar plantation – one of millions the British recruited to work after the abolition of slavery.

The full Orwell Prize longlist is below – good luck to all!

Coolie Woman by Gaiutra Bahadur (Hurst)

The Tragedy of Liberation by Frank Dikotter (Bloomsbury)

Sex and the Citadel by Shereen El Feki (Chatto and Windus)

The General by Ahmed Errachidi (Chatto and Windus)

The World’s Most Dangerous Place by James Fergusson (Bantam)

The British Dream by David Goodhart (Atlantic)

Kith: The Riddle of the Childscape by Jay Griffiths (Hamish Hamilton)

This Boy by Alan Johnson (Bantam)

The Red Fortress by Catherine Merridale (Allen Lane)

Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography by Charles Moore (Allen Lane)

Edmund Burke by Jesse Norman (William Collins)

The Confidence Trap by David Runciman (Princeton University Press)

One Night in Winter by Simon Sebag Montefiore (Century)

The XX Factor by Alison Wolf (Profile)