Choose Your Own Orgasms with HarperImpulse

14th Feb 2014

Choose Your Own Orgasms with HarperImpulse
HarperImpulse publishes a new, interactive erotic book that gives you the power to decide how, when and where you get laid...

Everyone remembers the Choose Your Own Adventure books of the 80s and 90s, with the promise of “40 possible endings”, so HarperImpulse‘s publication of Nicola Jane’s Follow Your Fantasy – an erotic adventure of your own – seems like an interesting way to reinvent an old favourite.

Each pathway in the story takes you down a different route, 44 different chapters that offer up settings as varied as hotel rooms, high class casinos and porn shoots.  You get to literally choose your own orgasms…

Do you put on the thong, go on to the room without it, or return to the bar?What makes Jane’s interactive novel stand out, is the way that she’s written in “get-out clauses”; there are moments when scenarios are set-up and it’s the reader who decides whether they sleep with one person or many, whether they sleep with men, women or both.

As a concept, it seems to be the perfect way to diversify erotica.  With more and more kink-positive writers being published by mainstream publishers, it is good to note that importance is being placed upon individual preferences, as opposed to one blanket experience for all.

Follow Your Fantasy is published on Valentine’s Day by HarperImpulse in eBook format.

Other Reading:

French writer Alina Reyes published Behind Closed Doors in 1994, offering readers a chance to choose whether they would read the story from the male or the female perspective, and more recently Helena S. Paige‘s A Girl Walks Into a Bar explores the possibilities of being stood up at a bar.