The Bookish Accessories Christmas Gift Guide

12th Dec 2013

The Bookish Accessories Christmas Gift Guide
Got a book worm in your life who's read everything? Are you currently drenched with sweat at the thought of buying them yet another copy of The Magic Toyshop? Looking for something that will capture your book lover's heart without risking duplication on their bookshelf? Then we've got just the thing for you! Here are the top 10 best literary accessories that won't break your budget.

For the stationary lover

These handmade quote pencils feature the best lines in our favourite books; whether your loved one is a Nancy Drew, Jane Eyre, Katniss or Ramona fan there’s a set for everyone at Bouncing Ball Creations. Or If the person you love is struggling to keep track of all our awesome reading recommendations how about a reading journal from The Literary Gift Company peeps?

nancy drew pencils

For the lender of books

If your loved one is constantly lending out their favourite books and then wondering where all their Angela Carter novels have got to this personal library kit is perfect! We’ve gone on about this kit before but seriously, libraries and books lenders need to be encouraged!


For the tea drinker

Next to books one of life’s purest pleasures is a cuppa and with these Grammar Grumbler mugs from The Literary Gift Company your loved one can indulge their inner pedant while flagging up typos in the OED!

grammar grumble mug

For the snappy dresser

If the person you’re buying for wears their heart on their immaculate sleeve then a sweatshirt of their favourite book might be just the answer! Out of Print do a great selection of tops, as this gorgeous Madeline sweatshirt demonstrates, which are perfect for snuggling up in while we plough into 5 more months of winter! Sorry. Not cool, I know.

Madeline sweatshirt

For the horror fan

Does the person you’re buying for have a shelf full of Shirley Jackson, Susan Hill, Anne Rice and Poppy Z Brite? Then this dribble of blood bookmark might be just the thing! Or if you’re not sure that you can stomach seeing that peeping out of Persuasion then how about these Wizard of Oz witches legs from MyBookmark?

witches legs

For the aspiring writer

If you’ve got a budding author to buy for you can’t go far wrong with this gorgeous Louisa May Alcott notebook from Susan Hill. Or if they’re just starting out how about a Quill & Ink mini journal to sketch out their first novel?

too fond book main_0

For the mac user

All literary mac-book users need, need, need this gorgeously faux-battered Twelve South laptop carrying case. Designed to look like an old book this is the perfect way to make sure you’re surrounded by books, even when you’re online.

laptop case

For the romantic

A rose by any other name would sound ridiculous but cover it with quotes from your favourite books and you’re onto a winner. These literary paper roses by Bookish England are the perfect stocking filler, secret Santa or blatant declaration of intent for your favourite book worm.


For the person who’s probably a bit too fond of their books

Did you’re loved one get a bit too upset when Kindles came in? Do they glare mistrustfully at anyone using an e-reader? Do you find them fretfully stroking their copy of Purple Hibiscus and whispering “yes, sleep, sleep my pretty, mummy will take care of you”? Then why not invest in an Old Books Scented Candle before you stage the intervention? Available along with lots of other lovely stuff from Handcrafted Book Candles and Nerdy Art.

old books candle

For the owl lover

Owls and books go fantastically together and some of the best owls are those in books so yes, every book lover is probably also an owl lover and what better for the owl lover in your life than a set of owl bookends which can double up as an EastEnders murder weapon, should the need arise? Check out this wise pair from The Contemporary Home.


Special thanks to Buzzfeed for offering lots of inspiration via this post and to everyone on twitter who sent in suggestions! What do you think? Have we overlooked any bookish accessories from your favourite Esty shop or awesome Agatha Christie merch?