Literary Halloween Costumes

30th Oct 2013

Literary Halloween Costumes
Halloween is fast approaching, so we thought we’d put together a quick guide for everyone wanting to put a bit of literature into their celebrations...

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is everyone’s favourite kickass detective, so why not channel her this Halloween? You might even end up solving a few mysteries…

Nancy Drew Costume

What you need:

A 1960s themed costume – tweed skirts and pussybow blouses look awesome and can be found in pretty much any charity or vintage shop. You could also do with some awesome hair (reader’s own). A magnifying glass (£1.23, Amazon) and a notebook (£4.55, Amazon) to keep all your clues in and you’re sorted! How easy is that?


The White Witch from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

If you want to go a little bit more evil this Halloween, The White Witch is the way to go. The antagonist of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, she froze Narnia for 100 years and generally acted like a bit of a tyrant.

White Witch Costume

What you need:

The White Witch lives up to her name in pretty much all ways, so you’ll need some frosty makeup – this Stargazer silver eyeshadow pen is a good start. You’ll also, obviously, need a long white dress – the style and shape of this will depend on your own taste, but Amazon and eBay have loads of cheap chiffon dresses for you to get your White Witch on. Finish it off with a white faux-fur stole (£7.65, Amazon). If you’re taking inspiration from Tilda Swinton’s cinematic interpretation, attach some twigs to a headband and spray them silver.

A sense of superiority and haughtiness will also help. Bonus points for accompanying wolf/husky. And don’t forget that box of Turkish Delights…


Storm from X-Men

Storm was one of the first black comic book characters and the first black female to play a major role in comics. She can control the weather, is an expert thief and has overcome stronger enemies with her fighting skills. Pretty badass.

Storm Costume

What you need:

Storm is well known for her shock of white hair, so a white wig is a great start. You’ll also need a black catsuit (this one, £14.99 from Amazon, is great) and some spiky accessories. Some silver boots and belt and some long black gloves and you’re done!


Stephen Gordon from The Well of Loneliness

Stephen Gordon is the lead character in Radclyffe Hall’s seminal lesbian novel The Well of Loneliness. The novel follows Stephen and her lover, Mary, and the social isolation that results from their relationship. Although it’s a beautiful and heartfelt book, Stephen also happens to be incredibly dapper and a great Halloween choice.

Stephen Costume

What you’ll need:

Stephen is known for her tweed suits and long cigarette holders, so they’re a must – tweed jackets and trousers can be found pretty easily in any charity shop. As for the cigarette holder, you can either go for the real thing or buy a cheaper version from a fancy dress shop (this one, from Party Delights, is only £1.99).

Brown brogues, a crisp white shirt and black tie will finish the look.



Dumbledore, as if you need telling, is headmaster of Hogwarts and a main character in the Harry Potter series. He’s wise, passionate and, according to J.K. Rowling, the “epitome of goodness”. So if you’re feeling a little bit more virtuous this Halloween Dumbledore’s a good way to go.Dumbledore Costume

What you’ll need:

A long cape is the first element of the costume – a few Dumbledore costumes are available online if you want to be totally accurate, but a regular black one will do too. You’ll obviously also need a wand for all the magic you’ll be doing – this one, from Amazon, is an exact replica. A big, bushy beard (fake or real) is also a good bet.


Which other literary Halloween costumes will you be rocking this year?

Top image via College Candy