New Sarah Waters novel due Autumn 2014

13th Sep 2013

New Sarah Waters novel due Autumn 2014
Virago today announced that they'll be publishing a new title from For Books' Sake fave Sarah Waters, author of Tipping the Velvet, The Little Stranger and Fingersmith, in autumn 2014 - and, unsurprisingly, it looks like it's going to be a good one.

Publisher Lennie Goodings labelled it “vintage” Sarah Waters. Currently without a title, it will be set in the early twenties, with the poor and hungry demanding change amidst reams of disillusioned ex-servicemen.

The book will focus on impoverished widow Mrs Wray and her spinster daughter Frances, owners of a villa in Camberwell whose world is shaken up by the arrival of young, modern lodgers: married, newly middle-class couple Lilian and Leonard Barber.

Virago promised that “passions mount and frustration gathers.” It probably goes without saying, but we cannot wait.

Which Sarah Waters novel do you love best?


  • Suzanne Egerton says:

    Much as I enjoyed TTV and Fingersmith, The Night Watch is SW’s outstanding work. Her research is staggering, but the sheer scale of the story, and the inherent drama of the characters living a life of heightened immediacy in war-ravaged London deepens the perspective. The way in which Waters never allows the tide of extraordinary events and interlocking connections to overwhelm the subtleties of emotion and experience of her four protagonists is masterly. It is a book that puts this author firmly in her lowly place!