For Books’ Sake Wants You!

Woman at Typewriter

Love books? Feminism? Have favourite fictional characters who are more real to you than your actual IRL friends and family? Obsessive about details and secretly get a Liz Lemon-style ladyboner about colour-coded spreadsheets? You’re totally in the right place…

For Books’ Sake is expanding, and we want you to get involved! So if you’ve got mad skills and enthusiasm a-go-go, read on for more details about what we’re after.

First things first: all these positions are part-time, flexible, based entirely online and open to applicants of all genders. Unfortunately they’re also unpaid. At the moment, everything For Books’ Sake makes is invested back into our on- and off-line activity.

We have hopes to change this in future (hopefully with your help!). But for now, them’s the breaks. Still intrigued? Then let’s begin.

We’re currently recruiting for the following positions:

Interviews Editor

We’ve interviewed everyone from Anne Rice to Hadley Freeman, and all sorts of author in between, including cult queer heroes like Michelle Tea and Ivan Coyote to more mainstream contemporary writers like Dawn O’Porter, Beatrice Hitchman, Helen Dunmore and many, many more.

If you love talking books, think you’d have a flair for identifying who we should be talking to and have experience with web editing, subbing and coordinating online editorial, click here for more details.

Managing Editor

Total pedant when it comes to spelling, grammar, style, formatting and tone of voice? Get excited by colour-coded content calendars and the idea of coordinating a team of editors and contributors? We need someone to oversee the daily editorial on For Books’ Sake, take care of necessary site admin and ensure the site content is as top notch as can be. Sound like you? Here’s the info.

Community Manager

Social media superstar who tumbles, tweets and pins like there’s no tomorrow? We need someone to manage our social channels, making sure content from the site gets shared, connecting with followers, authors, publishers and other relevant orgs and generally helping us be better, louder and more effective all over the internetz. Could it be your cup of tea? Find out here.

Events Assistant

We’ve organised all sorts of events, from pub quizzes to three-day festivals to boat parties, celebrations of books and blues, women in punk and assorted other shenanigans. They’re exciting, but they’re hard work too, so we need extra pairs of hands to lighten the load. Want in? Here’s the details.

Press & Partnerships Assistant

Want to help us get the international fame, stardom and attention we so obviously deserve? Or maybe just help increase awareness and visibility about what we’re up to? If you’ve got contacts galore and love talking to the media (as well as other organisations like us), we need your help, so click here for more info.

Workshops Coordinator

Love the idea of helping us take literary, feministy content out into the community? We need someone to coordinate our approaches to schools, conferences, festivals and all sorts of other events and environments. If you’re super-organised, strategic and a dab hand at research, you could be just what we’re after. Get the lowdown here.

Funding & Sponsorships Coordinator

Got an address book bursting with contacts and a brain full of ideas for ways we can fund our on- and off-line projects? Then we could definitely use your help. Find the full details here.

Don’t see your dream role described above ? Maybe we can find something for you anyway. Get in touch with more information about who you are and how you can help us take over the world and we’ll see if we can work together. The deadline for all the above positions is midnight on Friday 12th July. Got any questions? Comment below or send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you!

(Image via Seattle Municipal Archives)