Yikes! Melanie Phillips launches e-books company

8th May 2013

Yikes! Melanie Phillips launches e-books company


Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips today launched her very own e-books company, to focus on what she describes as “the moral and political issues of the day”.

emBooks has published five ebooks which are all immediately available through Apple, Kobo and Amazon. These include her strangely titled – and strangely written – autobiography,  Guardian Angel: My Story, My Britainextracts from which  have been appearing in the Mail over the past few days, seemingly as part of the launch.

The extracts, complete with standard, mad-use-of-capitals Mail headlines – My immigrant family were proud to assimilate. I despair that too many today expect Britain to adopt THEIR culture – have already provoked a furious response on Twitter.

She tells of the horrors of Islam being taught in RE lessonsteachers knowingly abandoning children to lives of servitude, and Question Time audiences hissing at her. We can expect more of the same – as she told the Independent, emBooks is “very much to do with putting across my general take on the world.”

Presumably this putting-across will maintain the high standards of previous journalistic gems such as Why are the Left so keen to promote this ghoulish culture of death? and, our favourite calm and balanced look at methods of child-rearing, What kind of society treats smacking as a war crime – while teaching children how to watch porn?

The company’s publications will be available through the previously mentioned channels as well as at www.embooks.com. We for one are looking forward to really getting our teeth into her new material.

Rebecca Winson


  • I kind of feel sorry for her. If she actually believes that stuff she writes, the world she lives in is a scary, frustrating, horrible place.

  • Jess says:

    Will this be the start of other journalists starting their own publishing companies? We’re already having enough trouble in libraries trying to keep varying licences as the ebook market chops and changes so much, the idea of multiple ebook startups that a lot of people are going to require access to is worrying.