Why We Love Mookychick

27th Mar 2013

Why We Love Mookychick

Mookychick, which has been ‘spreading joy to feminists since 2005’, covers everything from geek culture to alternative fashion and lifestyle ‘how to’ guides.

With its quirky aesthetic (think Tim Burton meets the Powerpuff Girls) and consistently high quality content, it’s a website you’ll return to again and again.


You may not go to Mookychick to read specifically about books, but there’s loads of great content for lifestyle and lit-lovers alike. The review section is great if you are looking for some lesser-known titles.

This review of The Necrophiliac is a great example of the kind of books you can discover, and the comics and animé section is a treasure trove of graphic treats!

There are also some great literary features on the site, including original takes on the fantasy genre. ‘Fantasy Fiction and Vampires vs. Orcs’ is cleverly written in such a way that everyone can engage with the topic, from the most fevered fantasy fans to those whose interest is limited to sighing longingly at Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings.

The Mookychick writers aren’t afraid to criticise that which is popular, which makes for refreshing and interesting reading. ‘Why I Hate the Millenium Triology’ is a great read for the small number of readers (if we’re going off sales figures!) who didn’t like the novels as well as a different perspective for those who enjoyed them.


“Feminism for all” pretty much sums up the entire ethos of Mookychick“Feminism for all” pretty much sums up the entire ethos of Mookychick, and there are well written, entertaining and insightful articles covering a whole range of feminist issues

For example, you can read what our Interviews Editor thinks about Girl Guiding and ‘Ultimate Feminism, hear why games designer Greg needs feminism in his life;  get involved with a debate on pole dancing and slut-shaming; discover feminist readings of classic fairytales and read personal experiences of growing up trans.

Mookychick is inclusive, which makes it a very welcome (and welcoming!) place in the feminist internet universe.

Mind and Body

Despite the playful tone of many of the articles on Mookychick, the ‘Health & Depression’ section does not seem out of place. In fact, it is a rich resource of support and advice that is delivered in a non-patronising and informative way.

Articles such as ‘How To Cope in a Psychiatric Hospital’, ‘Body dysmorphia Disorder (BDD) Advice’, ‘Tips for Dealing with Grief and Bereavement’ and ‘Pregnancy symptoms they don’t tell you about…’ demonstrate not only the breadth of coverage in this section, but also a frankness and openness that it typical of this site.

You can also find some fab tips on getting a better night’s sleep, surviving the party season and exercising on the cheap!

Other stuff

Mookychick can also introduce you to things you’ve never heard of before – I found these posts about flesh-pulling and body suspension particularly enlightening. There is such a broad range of topics that you are certain to come across something new and exciting.

Whether you’re looking for beauty tips (master the shaved eyebrow line à la Amanda Palmer), need to whip up some party treats (veggie friendly tequila lime jelly shots anyone?) or want to inject some DIY steampunk style into your tired wardrobe, you will soon find Mookychick to be an invaluable resource of humorous and useful posts.

And that’s just a few of the reasons why we love Mookychick!

Gina Kershaw

Image by Turbow


  • Jill says:

    Mookychick sounds like they have a great style for writing. I have never heard of them before but will now be checking them out as this sounds like it is right up my street!

  • Ruby says:

    Cannot recommend Mookychick more highly. Have been visiting regularly since I was 16 and I’m 21 now. Its such a force for good!