Literary Halloween Costumes

22nd Oct 2012

Night Circus Costume

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Everyone’s favourite ‘Girl on Fire‘ is sure to be a hit at Halloween. She’s tough, rebellious and independent, and all about surviving, even when the odds are stacked against her. And although Cinna designs some amazing costumes for Katniss in the books, the most iconic images of her are inside the arena, where the Tributes’ fight to the death priorities wardrobe functionality over flamboyance.

And that means all you need are a couple of props, teamed with basics you probably already own, to form your own Katniss outfit. Combine a plain t-shirt and combat trousers with some fierce stompy boots (I recently bought and love these, for £29.99 from eBay), a Mockingjay pin (£3.86 on Amazon), and a bow and arrow (£16.99, Amazon), and you’re set. Going on the bus and don’t want any weird looks? Stash your archery accessories in this orange backpack (£7.75, Amazon), just like the ones found by Katniss in the Cornucopia.

For the finishing touches, there are YouTube tutorials galore on how to get that signature Katniss braid, and I also love this fiery nail art tutorial too. May the odds be ever in your favour…

Night Circus Costume

Poppet, Bailey or a rêveur from The Night Circus

Love fairytales, fantasy, romance and magic? An excuse to go monochrome? Erin Morgenstern’s début novel received rave reviews on its release last year, with readers around the world becoming obsessed by its cast of contortionists, clock-makers, acrobats and illusionists.

The Night Circus colour scheme is all about black and white with pops of red. Don’t be afraid to break out your most ridiculous ensemble; the more theatrical, the better. Give yourself a monochromatic makeover, then add some accessories like these star-print tights by Pamela Mann (£9.99 from Tights Please) or black mask (£21.99 from Angels).

Add a red scarf like the one given to Bailey by the rêveurs (the one in the image above is £7.99, from New Look), and you’re all set. If you’re after an excuse to spend, steampunk jewellery would work with this too; as a nod to the mysterious, magical clock that keeps time at The Night Circus, I’m loving this clock necklace ($28USD from Etsy).

Still want more? Take a look at Bust’s top ten feminist Halloween costume ideas.Got your costume all figured out already? Then tell us in the comments which literary legend you’ll be becoming this Halloween…

Jane Bradley