Black Lace Returns!

27th Jul 2012

Black Lace Returns!

Feeding the newfound appetite for ‘literotica’, which will need to be sated once all three volumes of E.L. James have been consumed, the Black Lace series is to be revamped and reissued.

The 90s hallmark for racy fiction is making a return, ready to get you both hot and bothered in this millennia with reissued classics (including Lucinda Carrington’s The Ninety Days of Genevieve and Portia Da Costas Too Deep), three brand new titles and ‘quickies’ (yes, that really is the series’ shorthand for ‘short story collection’).

There is no innuendo-filled title too tongue-in-cheek in this series. But humour and a passion for the the books are not mutually exclusive. So as the tagline says: ‘Get ready to enter… The Dark Garden.’

Are you a writer or reader of erotic fiction? Who are your favourite authors?

(Image courtesy of Ebury Press)