Snare Books

7th Jun 2012


Snare Books is a publisher of contemporary poetry based in Montreal.  They are dedicated to publishing experimental works from up-and-coming Canadian writers, as well as a few novels and short stories that meet the brief of being innovative and exciting.

Snare was founded by Jon Paul Fiorentino and Robert Allen in 2006, to fill a gap in the Canadian art scene as many indie presses shifted their focus towards publishing commercial and genre fiction and mainstream poetry.

In 2007, they launched the Robert Kroestch Award, an annual competition to honor one emerging poet each year, with a paperback contract for a book-length poetry collection, as well as a $500 prize.

Named after Canada’s most famous postmodern writer, the Robert Kroestch Award winners include Sarah Dowling and Geoffrey Hlibchuk, and has been judged by acclaimed Canadian poets from Neil Besnar to Rachel Zolf.

2012 winner Laura Broadbent was honored for her collection Oh There You Are, I Can’t See You, Is It Raining, praised for it’s success as “an experiment in hybrid and versatility of voice”.

Snare’s latest releases in late 2011 showcased a variety of styles, all presented with a uniform book jacket displaying a simple graphic design of coloured circles. The titles included the 2011 winner of the Robert Kroestch Award, Pearl Pirie, and her poetry collection, Thirsts.

Easy Peasy by Kevin McPherson Eckhoff is colourfully described as “part instruction manual for the comfortably literate, part picture book for the uncommitted spectator”, and plays with ideas of misspelling and typos.

Echoic Mimic is a long poem about a girl named Ada, reflecting on the love-hate relationship with her small hometown as she begins a new life in the city. The fourth release, Seen of the Crime by Derek Beaulieu, is described as surveying “the radical edges of Canadian and international poetry”.

Snare Books has yet to release any new titles for 2012, but their extensive catalogue can be found here.

Cariad Martin