Seal Press

3rd Apr 2012

Seal Press logo
You can throw out your Amazon wishlist, because American feminist indie publisher Seal Press has got all the cool, innovative and honest books you could ever need.

They proudly note their many industry firsts, including the first book on African American women’s health and key texts from the third wave feminist movement.

In 2007, Seal Press became an imprint of the Perseus Books Group, referred to as “the most important independent publishing company in the nation” when it was named Publisher of the Year by Publisher’s Weekly.

Seal Press don’t mince their words, clearly displaying on their website their drive for “groundbreaking books by women for women”, and with such a strong manifesto it’s not hard to see why the publisher has acquired such a devoted following.

In 2000 they were forced to pay a settlement fee to Mattel, the makers of Barbie, who claimed their hugely popular book attacking mainstreams notions of beauty, Adios, Barbie, deliberately deceived the public by using the Barbie image to sell more copies.

With such a strong manifesto it’s not hard to see why the publisher has acquired such a devoted following...Luckily, Seal Press continued to sell the book under a new name, Body Outlaws, and the controversy only furthered the belief that Seal Press’s publications were out there in the battle against patriarchy making a hell of a lot of noise.

Aside from combating body fascism, Seal Press publish books on a huge range of topics from astrology to cooking, parenting, sport, history and poetry.

Their most recent publications include What You Really Really Want, Jaclyn Freidman’s sequel to the popular Yes Means Yes and her guide encouraging young women to create their own sexual identity.

This month they published Curvy Girls, a collection of erotica for and about curvaceous women, put together by Dirty Girls editor Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Seal Press also run a regular programme of events and readings, so if you’re ever in the California area it’s worth checking out what they’ve got on. You can keep up with their latest news via Facebook and Twitter too.

But in the meantime, I’d suggest browsing their vast catalogue of publications and making a couple of notes, because there are definitely a few things that are going to end up on my Christmas list.