Five-Minute Friday: Jennie Maizels


Name: Jennie Maizels

Day Job: Illustrator of lots of pop-up books. Creator of Clothes Plasters and children’s fabric designer. I wish it were just a ‘day’ job!

Extra-curricular: Too many cats and chickens, making a glittery mess with my two girls, sketching on rare holidays and Prosseco on Fridays.

Favourite book of all time: Welcome to the World Baby Girl by Fanny Flag and Oh The Places You’ll Go! by Dr Seuss.

Literary pet peeves: Devastating endings (still not quite over One Day) and gaping plot holes.

Guilty pleasure: Hello Magazine (only at the dentists obviously) and pointless “raising girls” books.

Three favourite authors: Enid Blyton, Daphne du Maurier and Sylvia Plath.

Favourite fictional character: Pippi Longstocking, a fabulous female role model with enormous gumption.

Other recommended reading: Family Life by Elizabeth Luard, a heart-breaking account of motherhood interspersed with beautiful recipes. Veronica Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho, life affirming and should be given by GPs as an anti depressant.

I also think that by law everyone must read Wuthering Heights and as young as possible, it opens the heart to how strong the force of love can be, it is ‘that’ book that never leaves you, ever.

To find out more about Jennie, or to get your hands on some of her awesome merchandise, see her website, or you can follow her on Twitter

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