Bloomsbury to Reissue Rare Patti Smith Book

22nd Feb 2012


Her luminous, lyrical writing has us alternately sobbing, sniffling and grinning like loons all the way through Just Kids, and hyperventilating with excitement when it won the National Book Award.

But despite being a dedicated Patti Smith fangirl, I’d never even heard of Woolgathering until Bloomsbury told us of their plans to republish it.

Originally published in 1992 by Raymond Foye‘s Hanuman Books, it’s a slim autobiographical memoir being reissued to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of its first publication:

“Patti Smith revisits the most sacred experiences of her early years, with truths so vivid they border on the surreal.

The author entwines her childhood self – and its ‘clear, unspeakable joy’ – with memories both real and envisioned from her twenties on New York’s MacDougal Street.”

Published late last year in the U.S. by New Directions, the UK edition is being published by Bloomsbury in May, with additional material including photos and illustrations.

We can’t wait to get our mitts on it. If you’re as excited as we are, you can already pre-order the hardback edition for £10 on Amazon.

Jane Bradley