Happy Valentine’s…Get Short Stack for Only 99p!

14th Feb 2012


So for today only, you can get your grubby mitts on the digital edition of Short Stack for only 99p.

Our collaboration with the almighty Pulp Press, Short Stack is a collection of the best new pulp fiction written by women.

Featuring ten twisted tales of zombies, sex, sleaze, vengeance and much more, at  a saucy, salacious, downright dirty cost of 99p, it’s a total steal.

Spending the day stuffing your face with heart-shaped chocolates while lolling on rose petal strewn satin sheets? This will give you a far raunchier ride than whatever your partner’s been planning…

Feeling bitter about being all on your lonesome, while everyone else is holding hands and hiding engagement rings in chocolate cakes or champagne flutes? Short Stack includes assorted heroines hell-bent on vengeance who get mad, then get even.

Ignoring the whole palaver altogether? We salute you. It seems a sensible option. Curl up with this collection instead. Thrills-a-go-go and forever yours, for less than a pound.

Get it while it’s hot.

Jane Bradley