Happy Birthday For Books’ Sake!

31st Aug 2011


Happy birthday to us! For Books’ Sake turns one today, and it’s cake and gin fizzes all round. It’s been a hectic year, as well you’ll know if you’ve been reading the site.

We met Margaret Atwood. We dressed up in spandex, facepaint and top hats for our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. We started our own lending library at Nexus Art Café. We had literary luminaries like Scarlett Thomas, Cathi Unsworth and Zoë Howe on our epic three-day programme for Lit at Ladyfest Ten. And those are just a handful of the highlights from the past twelve months.

Still reckon 10am is too early for that gin fizz we mentioned? We reckon we deserve it after all that! Of course, we couldn’t have done any of this without you, so thank you for reading, commenting, coming to our events and supporting us. Without you we’d have probably gone back to bed with a battered paperback and cup of cocoa by now.

The support of our readers (as well as the authors, publishers and PRs that we’re lucky enough to work with) is what keeps For Books’ Sake going, and we’re so lucky to have had the support of so many of you during our first year on this crazy ride.

And we’ve got all sorts of exciting shenanigans up our sleeves to make sure our second year is as much of a whirlwind as our first. For starters, we’ve now got our very own For Books’ Sake Forum, where you can natter about your literary loves, tell us what you’re reading, find out about events in your area and much more besides.

Saving the best for last, we’re super-psyched to announce that our very first short story collection, our pulp fiction anthology in collaboration with Pulp Press, will be coming out later this year! It’ll be hitting the shelves of bookshops across the land and available online from November, and we’ll have more details about that soon.

So, thank you for being here on for our first birthday. It’s been emotional. And we hope that you’ll stick with us for many more…

Jane Bradley

(Image via skippytpe’s Flickr photostream)