Yes Ma’am by Kay Jaybee

28th Jun 2011


Welcome, lovers! You may know me as a Naked Girl Reading, but maybe you didn’t know I also write? And just so you feel more comfortable, I’m naked now too!

I was very excited to receive my first erotic review selection: Yes Ma’am, A Collection Of Six Femdom Stories. I’ve read a few erotic stories/novels with a Femdom theme, but not many, so I was looking forward to an education from Kay Jaybee.

With a kinky leaning cover pic, I wondered how erotic the themes would become; I would say the reader is treated to various levels of hotness and kink. There’s a little military group sex, some flogging into sobs and grateful kisses, a dash of humiliation and lots of bondage in leather and rules, something for most domme lovers!

One of the strengths of the collection was the range of perspectives in the sexual role of the narrator, in: gender, orientation and story hierarchy. When I first began reading and got to the end of the second story, I thought ‘Uh oh’ – I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy reading six stories solely from the male perspective. I did enjoy the first two, but thought it might grow a bit boring after a third; educate me Ms Jaybee did.

The next four stories really turned it up; Don’t You Emma, a delicious spanking threesome, Dear Claire, inside the Femdom’s mind, Not Taking the Tube, which made me laugh (didn’t do it for me), and Rachel’s Twisted Tale for a little female/female fun and perspective.

Saying that, I would add, the diversity in point of view is also what I would love to see improved upon for the next collection; I would have loved to have one more story from the Femdom or female perspective and one more featuring solely female/female action.

Kay is a talented writer, with an easy and saucy style; perfect for short stories, though I would be interested to read one of her novels too. In some moments, I did long for more of a character connection but Kay really hooked me with her creative scenarios and playful eroticism.

For me, a measure of great erotica is whether you will read it again and again; after the initial hotness, does it have staying power and still turn you on? I would say there are several stories in this collection that have had me smiling, mind wandering back to certain moments and I want to read them and enjoyyy them again.

If a little BDSM or power play gets you going, tuck in with Yes Ma’am.  Published earlier this year by Xcite Books, you can download the Kindle edition from Amazon for only £2.45.

Love Lust & Light,

Rubyyy Jones


  • Kay Jaybee says:

    Wow- thanks Rubyyy!! A very kind review! Glad I made you smile. It is so hard to write an anthology that appeals to everyone. You know that some of the stories will hit the mark for some, and others will do it for the rest- no one can like everything- so a smile when a story doesn’t light the blue touch paper is pretty much the best compliment to get! Thanks Kay Jaybee xx

  • Rubyyy Jones says:

    Pleasure, All Round!