Writers and…

21st Jun 2011

Writers and…

I know, I know, you’ve already seen these, right? If you have, you’ll understand why we love them so and return to them again and again. If you haven’t, take a few moments out of your working day to enjoy some Writers and…


We have linked to it before, but Writers and Kitties, the place “where literature has whiskers and pointy ears,” brings such joy that it’s worth another mention. From Colette to Albert Camus, Patti Smith to Allen Ginsberg (doing the writer & kitty display team pose above), you can peek at pics of these great writers hanging out with their feline friends. Which is your favourite?


Jill Krementz has taken some super snaps of writers and their pooches – as found on New York Social Diary – but this one of For Books’ Sake fave Donna Tartt with her pug wins hands paws down.


It’s not just the animal companions of writers that fascinate us. As compiled by The Guardian earlier this year, these images of writers with their typewriters and desk spaces (or lack of) are playful, intimate and revealing. Patricia Highsmith, pictured above in 1976 with a look of ‘don’t mess with me, this shit is getting written!’, is my personal favourite.

Are there any blogs or photo collections out there that we should know about? Maybe writers and piglets? Writers and booze? Chances are there are enough pictures to fuel the latter, and i’ll be forever grateful if someone could make the former a reality. Thanks.

Alex Herod

Photos credited at source


  • mary hannon says:

    Patricia Highsmith what a hero! Bet pic in that set. Also you tweeted link to “drink like your favourite author” via flavourpill. Dorothy Parkers whiskey sour is a tipple that works for me mmmm! but the image of Carson Mc Cullers and the sherry & tea thermos flask is a definite winner! Beautifully bonkers!

  • Het says:

    I really would like to see a collection of pictures of writers writing in the bath. As a big fan of bath-based working this always makes me smile. (I would like to add this is NOT a sneaky way of trying to look at their rude bits: a tray or some bubbles or both would ideally be provided). I’m sure I have seen pictures like this before (because I have frequently been envious of said bath trays.)