Shortfire Press

3rd May 2011

Shortfire Press

Run by editor, Clare Hey, Shortfire Press is a digital-only publisher specialising in short stories from writers such as Laura Dockrill, Elizabeth Jenner and Salena Godden… for only 99p a pop! As part of the technology driven short story renaissance , Shortfire is bringing new writing to new audiences in a way that benefits both the writer and the reader:

 “We believe both that writers should be paid properly and readers should not have to spend a fortune to find new writers, and our prices reflect that. Short stories will be priced at 99p each to provide the best of both worlds: a competitive price for the reader and a fair return for the author. Shortfire Press works on a no-advance, profit-share basis.”

Of course, this platform is well designed for Ipads, e-readers and app enthusiasts, but even if, like me, your online reading involves a cluttered desk or laptop in bed, these stories are instantly accessible and a great way to discover emerging literary talent.

“Everyone is busy nowadays. But there’s always time for a short story. Here you’ll find stories, short and sweet, which you can buy one by one. That means you can discover new writers and new stories and read them in the time it takes you to get to work, wait for a friend in a bar, or in any spare moment you have to yourself.”

Clare Hey may have stumbled upon the idea for Shortfire Press whilst ‘a teensy bit tipsy’, but as she explains on the London Writers’ Club blog, it was a timely moment of inspiration and one that places her in the midst of an ever-changing digital landscape. Despite the industry rulebook warning that short stories don’t sell, the hunger for them is there, and Shortfire has found a way of feeding the masses whenever and wherever the craving strikes.  

 “Publishing is changing fast but one thing remains constant: people love to read.”

Alex Herod