Bad Reputation

6th Apr 2011


Bad Reputation blogged about us back in November as part of their round-up of Ladyfest Ten, and we’ve been having an online love-in ever since. Although not exclusively literary, the team at Bad Rep Towers cover an array of topics and ideas relating to pop culture, feminism and queer theory. And we love them for it.

Their writers are funny and insightful, analysing and discussing complex issues of gender and identity with intelligence and sensitivity; this post about the International Transgender Day of Remembrance made me blub at my desk, while this feature responding to International Women’s Day haters summed up so many of my frustrations that I’ve bookmarked it ready for using in answer to next year’s inevitable snarky naysayers.

Along with commentary on pop culture, including reviews of books, films, TV and music, their regular series are a daily delight, and I’ve spent many a tea break engrossed in their Unsung Heroes and Found Feminism features.

They also have a shop where you can get your mitts on illustrated prints from their popular Alphabet of Feminism series designed by Bad Rep writer and artist Hodge.

And if all that weren’t enough, the Bad Rep team have worked with us on an upcoming interview with author Ivan Coyote, so keep an eye out for that here on For Books’ Sake in the near future! In the meantime, trundle over to Bad Reputation and tell ’em we sent you.

Jane Bradley