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The weekend is almost here once again! While we’re contemplating opening the gin early (it’s been one of those weeks), we’ve thoughtfully collected an assortment of stories, links and articles to help you while away the final hours of the working week:

What everyone’s talking about…

The blogosphere and mainstream media have been a-buzzing with responses to the Art Council funding cuts announcements earlier this week. Some of the casualties include Salt Publishing, who had their funding cut, and the Poetry Book Society, which lost out on £111k.

Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy was fuming at the verdict, saying:

“This news goes beyond shocking and touches the realms of the disgusting. The PBS was established by T S Eliot in 1953 and is one of poetry’s most sacred churches with an influence and reach far beyond its membership. This fatal cut is a national shame and a scandal and I urge everyone who cares about poetry to join the PBS as a matter of urgency.”

But in slightly sunnier news, although all other arts sectors have been hit hard by the funding cuts, literature fared by far and away the best, with spending set to increase by 9.9%.

News you might have missed…

Virago had their first ever live book club event at their London offices with author Linda Grant, who was there to talk about her novel We Had it So Good. Have a nosey at the photos, or head over the grrl-zine Pamflet to see what they thought of the evening.

Elsewhere, we’re not sure if we believe this one, but it’s been included in The Bookseller‘s newsletter, so maybe it’s true! The almighty Margaret Atwood (also known as our bosom buddy after our shenanigans at World Book Night) is apparently launching an app: the Appwood.

Aimed at addressing ‘the debased quality of online rhetoric, it will convert text talk, tweets and other social media status updates into grand Atwoodian language. Fingers crossed it’s not an April Fool!

In other news…

It’s only a few weeks away until the 7th Annual London Zine Symposium, taking place on Sunday 17th April at The Rag Factory, just off Brick Lane. Workshops and stalls are have been confirmed (check out the website for more info on what you can expect), and now they want you.

The London Zine Symposium is entirely organised by volunteers and could do with some help to make the event as exciting, fun and well-run as possible. If you’re interested, send ‘em an email.

On the site, we discussed mothers in fairytales (which female fairytale character would you want to be?) and our favourite fictional tomboys, and came up with a long wishlist of bookish bits and bobs to spend our payday wages on.

Seen something we’ve missed? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add it in…

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