Monster Emporium Press

7th Jan 2011

Zines by Monster Emporium Press

After we featured a call for submissions for Girls Who Fight recently, I’ve become rather besotted by the independent press which publishes it. Like For Books’ Sake, Monster Emporium Press are located in South-East London, which automatically puts them in my good books.

But even if they weren’t based nearby, I’m betting I’d still have a soft spot for their beautifully designed and produced publications, zines and art books.

Founded in 2009 by Mira Mattar, Kathryn Corlett and Michael Reid,their first zine, They Did, was originally created as an accompaniment to Edinburgh exhibition What They Could Do, They Did. An art collective was born, and the following issues feature art and writing from members and friends.

Other treats published by the trio at Monster Emporium Press include Saint Jayne and Politicians, two books of artwork by Tom Moore, with Politicians containing reproductions of ink brush drawings on unbleached heavyweight paper, hand-cut and bound with a lino-printed sleeve.

Maybe because it’s an extravaganza of creativity by all sorts of wondrous women, my personal favourite is Girls Who Fight. With their kaleidoscopically colourful covers (and in the case of the second issue, gloriously full-colour innards too) and assorted high-quality contents, each issue is uniquely original and an ideal read.

Featuring comic strips, collages, illustration, writing, poetry and photography from contributors including Nina Power, Katherine Hardy and Mimi Leung, you’ve got until 1st March 2011 to get involved in Issue 3.

And if all that weren’t enough, Monster Emporium Press also publish a gorgeous fiction series of short stories from emerging authors, printed in postcard-sized booklets and costing a mere £1 a pop.

Intrigued? For more about Monster Emporium Press (or to buy any of the above issues), head over to their website, befriend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. And tell ’em I sent you.

Jane Bradley