Christmas Gift Guide: Harry Potter Fans

7th Dec 2010


We all know one. Someone who happily spends hours reading homoerotic Harry Potter fanfiction, arguing about which of the Weasleys would be the best in bed, and coming up with salacious scenes involving Snape‘s magic wand.

Well, maybe the Harry Potter fanatic in your life isn’t as filthy-minded as us, but given the popularity of JK Rowling‘s mega-selling series, chances are you’ve got one who already owns all the books, films and other merchandise, and you’re all out of ideas. That’s where we come in.

Although it’s been out since 2008, The Tales of Beedle the Bard (£4.89), a series of five fairytales from the wizarding world, has a starring role in the latest film in the franchise, meaning it’d make an ideal stocking-stuffer for anyone still sighing over the first instalment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


One for the fanatics, this full-sized detailed Marauder’s Map (£41.38) can be kept in its accompanying display case, or framed and made into a wall feature to tell the world of your unhealthy obsession with Hogwarts.


Keen on swallowing something other than the love potion produced by a certain Slytherin? The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook (£10.33) includes over 150 recipes help you create your own magical concoctions, from cauldron cakes to butter beer.


The Monster Book of Monsters keep-safe box (£42.99) is the perfect hiding place for those precious possession you don’t want anyone else to get their grubby mitts on. Gently stroke the spine to bring it to life, but watch out for those gnashing teeth and sound effects!


A somewhat controversy-courting option is Harry Potter Should Have Died (£5.84). Compiled by the founders of Mugglenet, it examines a whopping one hundred contentious debates based around the books.


Last but not least, Charmed Knits (£5.99) may not teach you much in the way of magic, but it will teach you how to knock up all sorts of knitted items you never knew were within your powers, including robes, invisibility cloaks and Quidditch uniforms.

Still want more ideas for the Harry or Hogwarts obsessive in your life? Try our round-up of weird and wonderful Harry Potter present ideas found on Etsy from earlier this year.

Jane Bradley