Stiletto Bookends by Giddy Spinster

Stiletto Shoes Book Ends

We’ve shown you weird and wonderful bookends before. From magically floating magnetic arrows to a nod to your prized vinyl collection, if it’s an innovative way of keeping our beloved books organised and preventing catastrophic paper-based landslides, it’s likely we’ll be all over it. And so far, these reclaimed stiletto bookends might be my favourite.

Made by Giddy Spinster in San Francisco, the design idea is a simple one. Take one pair of black patent leather platform stilettos from Pleaser (famous for their assortment of high heels aimed at shoe fetishists, bondage babes, drag queens and dominatrices), and drill them with epoxy to steel plates so that they’ll hold even the most verbose volumes in your library in place.

In my house, books are propped into place with whatever was nearby at the time; teapots, biscuit tins (which for one reason or another contains make-up, not biscuits, disappointing me on an almost daily basis), and sometimes the ridiculous shoes that I love the look of but know full well will end in accident and injury if I ever attempt to wear them outdoors. So this is a tempting idea, but the drilling sounds slightly beyond my DIY capabilities. And it’s also a permanent move, so I’m not sure I could convince myself to sacrifice any of my own shoes.

If you like the idea but don’t dare try making your own, you can buy these ones from Etsy for $150USD (just under £100), and postage to the UK will set you back a further $22USD (just under £15).

Post by Jane Bradley