Wears the Trousers Wants You!

31st Aug 2010

Typewriter Wears The Trousers Ladyfest Ten Fanzine

Earlier this month, online lady-music magazine Wears The Trousers had their fifth birthday. And as part of the festivities, they’re working on a zine to celebrate both their birthday and a decade of Ladyfests all over the world (culminating, of course, in Ladyfest Ten later this year). They’ve readied the scissors and pritt-stick for a gorgeously old-skool cut-and-paste project, and now they need you to get involved.

They’re after anything from 50-200 words about your favourite female-fronted band, musician, singer, song or album, and why they mean so much to you. Whether you’re reminiscing about a teenage obsession with Courtney Love, Shampoo or Bikini Kill, the mixtapes that soundtracked that time you had your heart broken, or the first time you heard Patti Smith or PJ Harvey, you’ve got until October 15th to send in your submissions.

Photographic submissions are also welcome, and once all the submissions have been collated, they’ll be published in a one-off zine which will be distributed for free at Ladyfest Ten, as well as being available to download. For more details, head on over to Wears the Trousers. Then scrabble through those scrapbooks for inspiration and get scribbling!

Post by Jane Bradley
(Image via Cody Geary’s Flickr photostream)