For Books’ Sake Presents: The Lit at Ladyfest Ten Fundraiser

26th Jul 2010

For Books’ Sake Presents: The Lit at Ladyfest Ten Fundraiser

So, remember a while back, when we told you to save the date of Tursday August 12th, because we were planning a literary pub quiz at the Old School Yard near London Bridge to raise money for Ladyfest Ten? Well, now we’ve got all the details sorted, we can tell you all about it!

Turn up to The Old School Yard from 6.30pm, slurp a happy hour cocktail or two, feast upon cake and other tasty treats and take part in our book swap. Bring your old books and swap ’em for exciting new ones. Or, if you’re too lazy to cart boxes of books all over town, or too sentimental to depart with much-loved novels, even though you know you’ll never read them again, you’ll also be able to buy from the book swap for a bargain-tastic £1 a go.

Then, at 7.30pm, we’ll be starting the quiz. £5 a head will get you many a chance at winning a mountain of book-related booty, because as well as the prize jackpot, we’ll be giving away lots of other prizes throughout the quiz. And if you haven’t swotted up on Shakespeare since GCSE and don’t know your Plath from your Plato, don’t despair. We’ll have questions on all sorts of genres, as well as pun rounds and other hands-on activities.

During the quiz and the raffle, we’ll be giving away hundreds of pounds worth of prizes, with booty from wonderfully generous publishers including Pulp Press, Serpents Tail, Virago, The Faber Academy, the Literary Gift Company, Filament magazine, and many, many more.

To give everyone a chance at winning, we’ll be limiting teams to a maximum of four people. And if you want to reserve a space for you and your clever clogs team mates, all you need to do is email us and let us know a contact name and how many of you, and we’ll make sure you’ve got the best seats in the house. See you soon!

Post by Jane Bradley