Books in Limbo at Tank Gallery

11th Jun 2010

Books in Limbo at Tank Gallery at the Ladywell Tavern

Until the arrival of Tank Gallery at the Ladywell Tavern round the corner from For Books’ Sake HQ, there wasn’t much in the way of arts and culture in the nearby area. And although we’re still far from spoilt for choice, Tank have had some fascinating shows in the year that they’ve had their gallery space at the back of our local boozer.

And the most recent of these is Books in Limbo, an exhibition devoted to discarded and abandoned books whose fate hang in limbo. Developed by Tank artists and curators Aoife Van Linden Tol, Deeqa Ismail, Ese Erherien, and Samantha Huang, the show features hundreds of found books arranged into installations around the room, plus eccentric but brilliant additions like an owl lady reading from the rafters…

The exhibition is on until next Saturday 19th June, when from 6pm until a hardcore night owl hour of 2am, they’ll be having a closing party. This will include readings from the books used in the installations, discussions and performances, followed by music and DJs late into the night. And once the the readings are done at 8pm, the installations will be dismantled and all those hundreds of lovely antique books sold off with an official Books in Limbo seal as souvenirs of the show. So bring a box and some spare change and be prepared to scuffle with us to get to the best bargains!

Post by Jane Bradley